Wheel of Fortune 2

Version: 1.07
Date: 2013-09-12
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Wheel of Fortune 2

EditBy: Pick a consonant or buy a vowel to solve puzzles in three exciting new game modes, Road Trip, Group Play, and Puzzle of the Day. Create your own profile and earn trophies along with virtual cash! Look out for the dreaded Bankrupt and Lose A Turn wedges as you spin to win in the sparkling new version of this beloved game.How To Play:* Use the mouse to spin the Wheel and select consonants.* When you choose letters in the word puzzle, you may earn virtual cash.* Use the mouse to click Buy Vowels with your virtual cash.* Avoid landing on Bankrupt or Lose A Turn wedges.* When you know the puzzle answer, use the mouse to click Solve, and use the keyboard to spell the answer to the puzzle.* Have the largest bank at the end of the Mystery Round to qualify for the Bonus Round.* Puzzle of the Day will have a new puzzle available every day of the year. Full Game Features:* Over 2000 puzzles to solve* New game modes

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