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Version: de_deep6
Date: 2013-09-20
Counter Strike
CS Map
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - CS Maps: de_deep6

This map is a `sequel` of sorts to my first map, cs_chill. The CTs successfully reclaimed the arctic station from the terrorists. Along with the last surviving scientists, a biological sample from the Excavation was recovered and taken aboard the submarine to be transported to the Triton underwater research facility. Before departing, charges were set and the entire arctic station was destroyed to remove all trace of the findings there.Upon arrival at the Triton facility, the sample and the researchers were unloaded and preparations were underway for the CTs departure, when an unmarked ship was reported an the horizon. It has refused to answer repeated communications attempts.Ts: You have been ordered to destroy any materials or cargo recovered from the R-25 arctic station site or cut off the facility`s communications until reinforcements arrive. The station must be taken or the materials destroyed at all costs.CTs: 2 small crafts were last seen approaching the surface access to the facility. The Triton`s crew has secured themselves in the crew quarters and medical Wings. Protect the bio-sample recovered from R-25 and the station.

‚Äč CS Maps: de_deep6 Games Arctic Station Recovered FromCS Maps: de_deep6 Games Arctic Station Recovered FromCS Maps: de_deep6 Games Arctic Station Recovered From

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