Scooter Racer 2 Speedway

Version: 1.000
Date: 2013-09-30
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Scooter Racer 2 Speedway

: This sequel expands and improves upon the original Scooter Racer game. Race against other ruthless scooters on a variety of tracks including the famed speedway. The opposing scooter bikes are now more astute than ever, able to regain their place on the raceway after major collisions.This latest game includes multiple race tracks, which are listed below.The Speedway: Enjoy racing at the highest possible speeds on this time-proven racing track.The classic Scooter Racer 1 track: Play the original track from the first game with all of the latest improvements in this sequel. This track includes a couple of straight sections and hairpin turns.The Swirl: Zoom through a narrow raceway which is shaped like a spiral. There are also plenty of sharp turns making this one of the more challenging tracks.The Figure-Eight: Who could forget the staple of race tracks, the figure-eight raceway? Enjoy hurtling through this track while watching out for other scooters.Experience a greater level of customization in this game as you can now change the looks of your scooter as you see fit. Pixel-perfect collision detection Between scooters has also been introduced to improve the physics in the game.Controls-Use the arrow keys to propel your scooter bike through the assorted raceways

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