Casual Chess 1 Moves Generator

Version: 7
Date: 2013-09-12
Card & Board
Vadim Madgazin
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Casual Chess 1 Moves Generator

EditBy: The Board of the play, placement of all figures, rules of the displacement and taking the figures and so on - all these elements of the play completely comply with classical chess.However type of the figure for the next move each of enemy defines computer"generator of the move" when striking the button half-move white or black figures on program toolbar.In generator of the move is used random number sensor, corresponding to chess figure, with equal probability of the Fallout all "included" in generator of the types of the figures.The Figures of each colour are included in and are excluded from generator of the move with the help of corresponding to buttons of the toolbar figures.In generator of the move are included all figures, being present at board at present plays and capable in the current position to do the move by itself or"send the move" other figure.Send the move from the first to the second its figure means to realize the move by second figure, under which is freed any field at the option of the player, which becomes potentially available to move by first figure. If figure and all other figures of this type can not itself do the move and can not send the move, that she is not included in generator of the move.For instance: prohibited moves, bring about immediate shah its king, Pawn can not go if field ahead of it occupied and so on.If move has Fallen out to figure available on board in several copies, that player can choose for action any one of their own figures given type, including that, which can not go itself, but can send the move.At shah generator move is not used, shah withdraws the move of any figure at the option of the enemy, then generator gives the necessary figure of the same colour.Castling can be made at fallout of the move for king or rooks.

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