A Train 8

Date: 2013-10-23
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - A Train 8

Bluestone Interactive is a new Independent video games Company specialising in publishing and distribution of orginal games that appeal to the mass market consumers. Bluestone Interactive will distribute its products via a strong distribution network in europe and has a wide network of contacts within the industry. Bluestone Interactive strategic Focus will be close collaboration with third party developers and publishers.The train is A series of on A railway operations as A starting point, by railway passenger train transportation road paving and goods, let along the economy, promote the development of urban activation simulation game. Business Game content is not only the railway design, urban development, the subsidiary includes business and stock trading, etc, also in the works of all fusion. Whether LOVE railway or operation simulation game players can heartily. "A train to all of the 8 of 3D images, let players meticulous with 360 all-round perspective view, convenient adjustment freely game and smoothly to track laying and play. Add the railway fans long-awaited viewpoint, trains the "window" mode, the player can profound experience of urban development process and true prosperity. The game was carrying ten big new map levels and powerful 3D "map", not only can edit mode construction of facilities such as the high building and road, also can be arbitrarily change, let you make the ideal terrain of urban blueprint. In the game, "A train of the eight 10 new maps, must use the hand at the start of the limited funds for urban development. Besides, the railway company operating the player will be able to build factories, port facilities to ensure their lines. And set up subsidiaries, building, department stores, playground, sports center, strengthen urban living business entertainment facilities for railway passenger, improve the dependency, also can let the revenue increases, and further development of the city. Feel the game map of built-in challenging enough

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