Total Extreme Wrestling 2007

Date: 2013-09-12
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Total Extreme Wrestling 2007

Total Extreme Wrestling 2007 allows players to take on the role of a wrestling promoter, where it is up to you to try and steer your chosen Company To The Top of the industry, along the way dealing with prima donna superstars, wars and alliances with other wrestling companies, and the demands of TV corporations! Along with several brand new features and improvements, TEW2007 will also include several additions suggested by fans of the series over the past year.Features:- More detailed statistics than ever before make this the most accurate wrestling simulator ever made, including such features as dynamic worker styles (wrestlers can change their style over time to accommodate injuries, age, or skill level changes), customizable locations throughout the game world, and vocal fan bases who can make a wrestler`s life hell.- One of the TEW series` most popular features, the in-depth editor, is now even deeper than before, and includes several tools to aid people who wish to make their own databases, including a "Quick Wrestler Creator" and slide bars that allow for multiple changes to be made to statistics at once.- The new "Create a product" mode allows you to fine tune a promotion`s style to your exact specifications, from specifying how long matches are expected to last to how much appeal the promotion has to mainstream audiences, allowing for an almost infinite amount of customization.- User Characters allow you to enter yourself into the game world, and take part in shows. Whether you want to be a wrestler, an announcer, or simply stay backstage away from the cameras, it is completely up to you.- And more...

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